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Credit, banking, stocks, crypto, exchange-traded funding (ETF), options trading, and business ownership – if you want to improve your financial condition using any of these solutions, you’ve come to the right place. At American Made llc, we teach the basics of finance using a variety of research-backed courses, podcasts, and videos. In addition, we sell retail merchandise to help you stand out and look cool.

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Complex Financial Terminologies, Simplified.


Also called ‘equity,’ stock is a type of financial security that represents a share of ownership in a company. When you purchase one or more than one stocks, you are liable to receive compensation for the organization’s future earnings and net assets. The owner of the shares is referred to as a shareholder.

There are different types of stocks, with the two primary ones being ‘common’ and ‘preferred.’ Both are divided into further categories, like growth, income, value, and more.


Crypto, cryptocurrency, or crypto-currency is a medium of exchange used to purchase items digitally, most commonly on the internet. Many different approaches exist in terms of how to trade cryptocurrencies. To get started, you must have adequate knowledge of the subject. It is also critical to know the associated risks and laws depending on your jurisdiction.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. Its value is determined day by day and second by second in an open market. That’s why it’s important for newcomers to understand how crypto-assets work.

Day Trading

Day trading is a strategy of trading financial securities, such as stocks and currencies, where positions are taken and closed within the same day. Also called short trading, it involves buying financial securities and selling them before the trading day closes.

The point is to end the trading day in a square position, i.e., neither too long nor too short on any financial security. And you can trade just once a day or 10 times as long as you’re meeting the requirements.

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